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What did you do upon graduating Stony Brook?

Would you like the above posted in our newsletter?

How would you characterize what you are currently doing?

What field are you currently working in/studying?

What is the overall climate for women in your specific area of work or study?

How would you describe your educational experience in Stony Brook's WISE Program?

On a Scale of 1 (extremely satisfied) to 5 (very disappointed), please rate your satisfaction with the following
Extremely Satisfied (1)Very Satisfied (2)Satisfied (3)Not Satisfied (4)Very Disappointed (5)

Did your involvement and participation in WISE help you reach your goals?  Please explain.

Would you like to be a member of the WISE Alumnae Board?  By being on the Alumnae Board, you can get involved with the program, develop outreach, come to campus and talk about life after Stony Brook, and much more!

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